Friday, May 22, 2009


Two rounds, of each couplet, for time of:
- 750 meter Row
- 20 Handstand Push-ups

- 115 pound Thruster, 20 reps
- 20 L-Pull-ups

In other words, it goes: Row, HSPU, Row, HSPU, Thruster, LPU, Thruster, LPU...have fun with this one!

Head over to BrandX CrossFit for scaling options.

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Garrett Vargas said...

It's weird you posted this WOD. at 0830 I chose this WOD off of CrossFit's website. We must be on the same brain wave or something, creepy...

But I'm retarded and Ed and I only did a 450m row cause I got the memory of a goldfish. I did push jerk too at 115lbs cause again, retarded. WOD still sucked though and L pull-ups are no joke.

20.10 w/ having to prep the bar and weights prior to thrusters/ push jerks. Ed was close behind but thats because he remembered what thrusters were.

Doc said I have a pinched nerve in my bicep and I need to take some time off (more than one day) but we'll see about that