Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Front Squat
Set a new 5 Rep Max

Skill Work:
Muscle Snatch - Heavy Single (Go for a new PR if you're feeling good)
Snatch Balance - Heavy Single

- Power Snatches, 135 lbs
- Ring Dips
- Box Jumps, 24"

Post weights and time to comments.


Anonymous said...

set a new 5 rep max with what exercise? And can you scale the WODs or is there a website I can go to? All my love,

Anonymous said...

Randy= 155 muscle snatch, 14:38 on the metcon with a 115lb power snatch.
Jenna= 65 muscle snatch, 13:17 on the metcon with 45lb power snatch
Alex= Mean Bastard