Sunday, May 17, 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

Deadlift - Set a new 5 Rep Max!
Deadlift - Chose a weight that allows you to get 15-20 reps

5 Rounds for Time:
- 5 Handstand Pushups
- 10 KB Swings, 2 Pood (or 75 lbs DB)
(Compare to 7 March 2009)

Post weights and time to comments.


prochargedmopar said...

Will you give some info on what goals you guys have for this workout regime?
CF doesn't seem to have enough weightlifting and catalyst athletics is a little overkill for my liking.
I'm almost 40 and my son is 14.
I'm leaning toward less running and he gets plenty at school.
Do you think we should be doing this or crossfitfootball?

Alex said...


The goals for the (current) cycle: improve strength in the big lifts (squat, dead, presses), develop explosiveness endurance (read: still being able to explode while fatigued), and improve performance within shorter time domains (<10 minutes) while maintaining-and possibly still improving-longer, endurance type efforts. In the future, there will be cycles that include more specific work to improve the clean & jerk and snatch while following a similar template.

CF Football is an amazing program that has been getting great results. 9 times out of 10 I would have no issues recommending it to CrossFitters as long as they are proficient enough in the lifts to take advantage of what they are trying to accomplish. Also, from what I understand, John will also have cycles built into the CFFB programming based on the "typical" yearly football schedule/season. I have no idea what that will look like or when it will come about, however.

All that being said, I think you should do whichever you "enjoy" in the CrossFit sense (which I translate to "hate" LOL) more.

- Alex

Anonymous said...

DL 5 Rep Max: 275#
20 Reps: 205#

WOD : 4:39


Anonymous said...

Randy= 365 heavy DL, 275 16 rep DL
4:00 even for the WOD
Anton= groin/ hip flexor problems on DL, 7:31 on WOD