Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rest Day - 20 May 2009

In the development of a new athlete, CrossFit advocates the following progression:


Mechanics, also refered to as technique, is achieved when the athlete can clearly demonstrate proper fundamentals of a given movement.

Consistency refers to two separate topics, 1) demonstrating the ability to consistantly complete movements under increasing levels of stress, and 2) demonstrating the dedication and ability to adhere to the prescribed scheduling (i.e.: 3 days on, 1 day off).

Intensity is where the magic happens. It is often expressed in power- and weightlifting as a certain percentage of a 1 Rep Max (i.e.: the higher the percentage, the greater the intensity), but this also applies to 3s and 5s (or any other rep range that you chose). In CrossFit, intensity is most often expressed as Power (which, we all remember from high school) as Force * Distance / Time. Therefore, the faster you do a WOD (or with a greater load), the higher the power output, and therefore the higher the intensity.

Read more about Mechanics, Consistancy, and Intensity in the CrossFit Journal article Consistensy Before Intensity.

If you want to play around with Power Output, head over to Catalyst Athletics and check out their Power Output Calculator.

Enjoy your rest day...don't forget to hit up the foam roller!

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