Sunday, January 3, 2010

Monday, 4 January 2010

Skill Work:
- Overhead Squat - 70% x 2 x 2
- Snatch Balance - 70% x 3 x 2
- Snatch - 75% x 1 x 3

Back Squat - Set a new 5 Rep Max
(Use a box and bands if you have them)


Task Priority "Fight Gone Bad"
3 Rounds for Time:
- 25 Wall Balls Throws, 20 lbs
- 25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 75 lbs
- 25 Box Jumps, 24"
- 25 Push Presses, 75 lbs
- Rowing, 25 Calories
Rest 1 minute between rounds.
(Compare to 13 April 2009)

Watch the video HERE!

Post weights and total time (including the 1 minute rest periods) to comments.


Garrote said...

Alex... did you watch the video? Those guys did 20 reps, you want us to do 25? Did you see how destroyed the were at the end? I'm going to trust you on this, probably not going to like you so much though, just a heads up...

CFBF said...

Yes, I know they did 20. Yes I want you to do 25. Yes, it's absolutely horrible; I wanted to die.

The logic behind this is that most of the people that follow this programming have a 300+ score on standard Fight Gone Bad.

Doing rounds of 20 gives you a total score of 300 and rounds of 25 give you a 375. My hope is that by going with 25 rep rounds, you'll hit 375 reps in around the same amount of time that a regular FGB takes. There are obviously benefits to going with the 20 rep version also, I just chose to use the 25 rep version.

- Alex

Garrote said...

Alex, I like you but your crazy.

My last FGB score was 340, I could only imagine how horrible this is going to be until tomorrow when destroy myself on this.

I get the programming behind it and totally agree with you but that doesn't change the fact that I got giant butterflies in my stomach now.

I'll be posting my times soon...

Garrote said...


-I got 315# last time but I wasn't feeling it today 295# felt pretty heavy.

-As Rx with 21.28* of total work:
RD1-6.10; RD2-7.05; RD3-8.13

*time does not include the 1 min rests.

zorg said...

Skill Work:
- Overhead Squat - 50,5 kg
- Snatch Balance - 50,5 kg
- Snatch - 54,5 kg

Back Squat - Set a new 5 Rep Max
1 x 5 x 96,5 kg

Task Priority "Fight Gone Bad"
3 Rounds for Time:
- 25 DB Thruster, 10 kg each
- 25 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, 33,5 kg
- 25 Box Jumps, 31 cm
- 25 Push Presses, 33,5 kg
- 25 Burpees
Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Round 1: 10:32
Round 2: 13:42
Round 3: 13:16
Total Time: 37:30 (excluding rest time)

This was brutal. Also, fun, in a sick and twisted way.