Monday, January 4, 2010

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Skill Work:
Front Squat - (Weight=Clean PR) x 2 x 2
Split Jerk - 80% x 2 x 2
Clean & Jerk - 80% x 1 x 3

Incline Bench Press - Set a new 3 Rep Max
(Use bands if you have them)

AMRAP in 10 minutes:
- 10 Burpees
- 10 Overhead Squats, 95 lbs

Post weights and number of rounds to comments.


Garrote said...

My shin splints started flaring up last week due to all the DU's we took on, (all the donkey stomps during the cleans really hurt!!!) so today I did:

-Incline bench 3RM @ 225#

"Bear Complex"
-6 Deadlifts
-6 Bentover rows
-6 Hang power clean
-6 Push press
5 RDS for time:
Start with a 65# load progress 10# each RND ending at 105#. Then directly into...

-10 OHS @ 95#
-10 Burpees
AMRAP in 10 min: 6 RDS
got 4 burpees into my 7th RND, so I completed my last 6 and immediately collapsed.

zorg said...

Alex, why do you use Incline BPs, instead of regular BPs? Just curious.

Garrote said...


We do do bench press cycling with incline BP, but good question, I'll let Alex field that one...

Alex, I enjoy the Incline BP and I notice the difference in strength it requires but why do we do Incline BP?

Good question Zorg, I always thought about it but never remembered to ask my question, Thanks bro.


CFBF said...

We cycle between flat and incline bench every few weeks. This is because flat bench helps develop absolute maximum raw pressing strength and the incline press is aimed to help redirect that strength towards the overhead work (which we do on Saturdays).

Also, I mix up the strength movements relatively often since you can only work at maximum intensity in a particular lift for a relatively short period of time.

By the way Garrett, that's probably part of why you felt so weak on the squats this week. If you recall, when I was there, we would rotate box heights and which bands we used to change up the exercise slightly, which enabled us to continually push new maxes (for those specific variations, which in theory, transfers to higher maxes in the core lifts).

On a somewhat related note, you'll be seeing sumo-deadlifts start to come up in the strength work, we'll see how that plays out. Also, in the very near future, I'll be putting together a post regarding using chains while deadlifting.

- Alex

CFBF said...

Oh, Garrett...

You need to go to a Sectional qualifier for the 2010 Games. There's no doubt in my mind that you'll go on to the Regionals...where you'd be competitive as hell.

- Alex

zorg said...

Thanks, that makes a lot of sense.

Garrote said...


I knew there was a method to your madness. Speaking of chains, with the exception of the "spring-y-ness" from the bands, do chains and bands accomplish the same thing? Or do you wanna cover that in your upcoming post? After reading your post I want to get bands, I've always wanted to get chains, but I also wanna save the $$$ so that's why I ask.

In regards to that last post, I don't know about sectional qualifiers there are a lot of monsters in San Diego. Not to mention with fire breathers like you, Dutch Lowy, Josh Everett, Jason K and OPT still breathing I don't stand much of a chance. It would be an honor just to complete the sectional let alone reach the regional. But thank you, I hope you're going to compete this year.

On a separate note I'm heading to your island for a friends wedding around the July 4th time frame. If you're around do you mind if chase you through a few wods? I'll be separated by then so getting on base unescorted will be difficult.


zorg said...

Skill Work:
Front Squat - 75,5
Split Jerk - 62,5 kg
Clean & Jerk - 62,5 kg

Incline Bench Press 3RM: 52,5 kg

I got 4 rounds in 09:31.