Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monday, 8 March 2010

Skill Work:
- 2 Position Snatch (Floor, Mid-thigh) - 60% x 3 sets
- Snatch Deadlift - 105% x 3 x 3

Back Squat (w/ Chains) - Find your 1 Rep Max

3 Rounds for time:
- 8 Front Squats, 185 lbs
- Run 400 meters
(Compare to 25 January 2010)

Post weights and time to comments.


Garrote said...

-375 w/o chains
-As RX in 7.20

Added 10# to my 1 RM (PR!) and took off 10 secs on Litvinov. Pretty good day.

CFBF said...

Damn Garrett! It's pretty scary to see you getting stronger and faster almost every day. How does it feel to have a "garage" gym? I'm working on finding a new place so that I can start training at home as well.

- Alex

Garrote said...

My garage gym is pretty modest but it's getting the job done. It looks like I get to start building the pull up bar this weekend. I got some bags of sand that I'm gonna start segregating out pretty soon I just gotta empty out my seabag. It's all coming together slowly but steadily.

I take it you're working out on base?

Alex said...

Yeah, we do the benching, squatting, and pressing in the gym (of course the bands/chains get crazy looks on a daily basis) and then the actual WODs and deadlifting we do up at the track. It's OK, but not really ideal.

Hey, if you haven't yet, check out Greg Amundson's new article in the CrossFit Journal (Feb '10, "Garage Gym 101: How to Grow a Successful Garage Gym"). It's really inspiring!

- Alex

Garrote said...

I read the CF Journal article you recommended and it was well written. Although if anybody wanted to workout with me they cant be much taller than I because the ceiling is low especially for someone of your height.

Things are inching along but it's nice to not have to worry about someone stealing the bar when I go for a 400 or 800m. Besides, running outdoors in southern california is awesome, beats Bahrain or the treadmill any day of the week.

DAVID said...

2 pos snatch 85#
snatch deadlift 140#

275 w/ chains

as rx in 9:44

First time i utilized the chains on back squat. It really adds somthing to it, even tho the chains were only 15lbs each, comming up with that extra weight adding on taks a lot out of your legs.

zorg said...

Back Squat - 1 x 115,5 kg

3 Rounds for time:
- 8 Front Squats, 82,5 kg
- 20 Burpees

Time: 11:04 - improved by 0:44.