Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Skill Work:
- [3 Position Snatch (High-Hang, Above Knee, Floor) + 1 Overhead Squat] - 70% of Snatch 1RM x 3 Sets
- Snatch - Heavy Single

Bench Press (Close Grip) - Find your 5 Rep Max

Dan John Complex E
8 Rounds:
- Power Clean
- Shoulder Press (Switch to Push Press or Jerk as necessary)
- Back Squat
- Good Mornings
- Behind-the-Neck Press
- Front Squat
***Rest 90 seconds

For the first round, the weight is 45-lbs and the rep count is 8 per exercise. For the second round, add 10-lbs per side (thus 65-lbs total bar weight) and do 7 reps per exercise. The third is 85-lbs for 6's. Continue down to 1 rep per exercise at 185-lbs. If you cannot move up in weight, make a note of it in your journal, but continue working down the rep scheme until you are at 1 rep. You cannot put down or let go of the bar at all during a round.

Post weights, WOD results, and thoughts to comments.


Garrote said...

This was so much fun. I loved this barbell complex type wod. Great stuff.

-Made it to 185#
The good mornings and the behind the neck push press made this f-ing hard/ awesome. Considering my last behind the neck push press was 185# I think I might be able to get a new one.

BryanS said...

skill: 165

strength: 255 no chains available

WOD: i increased the weight 20 lbs total like prescribed except for 2 rounds that i only went up 10 lbs to end @BW 165..i agree with garrett on his comments as well.

zorg said...

Bench Press - 1 x 5 x 52,5 kg

Complex E

Time: 14:23
Started with 20,5 kg, added 10 kg in each of rounds 2-4, and stayed at the #4 level for the last two rounds.

This was too complicated for me. I had to scale 8 rounds down to 6, and because I was all focused on not confusing the exercises, I promptly forgot about the 90 second rest period.
Also, I dislike Behind-the-Neck Presses, and I'm somewhat reluctant to do Good Mornings in the context of a WOD.
On the whole, I think I prefer less convoluted couplets or triplets.

I also blame the WOD for forgetting to do a close grip bench press - I only realized I had done a standard BP after I had set a PR, and I didn't have the heart to start over again.

CFBF said...


As far as the bench PR, great job! I'm also glad that you didn't start over and go back and do the close grip as well. With this kind of lifting, you really only want to go for max effort once per day per core lift (so bench; close grip; chains/etc...).

For the complex, I agree, I much prefer simple and brutal couplets and triplets (which I think my programming demonstrates), however that doesn't mean that we shouldn't do stuff like complexes and chippers from time to time. One good tip from Dan John is to print out the exercises in 64 font Arial and bring the paper with you to the gym and place it on the floor next to the platform to minimize the required thinking.

Lastly, the exercises: for the behind-the-neck (BTN) press, did you move your hands out to a wider (almost snatch-width) grip? That can be a big help. The BTN press is a great asset for athletes because it is, by far, the strongest way to get a heavy load overhead. With the good mornings, what is your concern with doing them in a complex? Care to elaborate?

- Alex

zorg said...

Thanks for your reply!

Don't get me wrong, the WOD was not intolerably disgusting. It just didn't have as high a fun factor as, frex, Death by Whatever. On the whole, I'm very happy with your programming (even though I tend to sub standard lifts for some of the variations you do) :)

Concerning the BTN, I'll try to use a deliberately wide grip the next time. I guess I'll also post on the CF board and ask for technique advice.

As to the GMs, I'm reluctant mainly because of Rips advice to be careful in Starting Strength (injury risk). When I'm doing GMs for time, I either feel like I'm cheating, or like I'm endangering my back. Neither makes me happy. Of course, this could very well be a technique issue, or possibly I'm just not doing GMs frequently enough... Perhaps I should add a few to my warmup?

CFBF said...

The risk of injury with GMs is inversely proportional to your technique. If you are locking your back and not allowing any flexion during movement then there are no shearing forces to cause injury to the spine. As for cheating the ROM, that is no different than any other movement we do, you just have to be very aware of your body and ensure you're getting the proper depth, just as you would in an air squat.

- Alex