Friday, March 26, 2010

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Skill Work:
- [2 Position Snatch (Above Knee, Floor) + 1 Overhead Squat] - 70% of Snatch 1RM x 3 Sets
- Clean Pull - 105% x 2 x 2

Push Press (w/ Bands) - Find your 3 Rep Max

5 Rounds (Not for Time):
- Bench Press, Bodyweight, Max Reps
- Pullups, Max Reps
(Compare to 9 March 2009)

Post weights and reps for each exercise to comments.


zorg said...

Push Press - 1 x 3 x 72,5 kg


I scaled the Bench Press to 56,5 kg in the first round and 52,5 kg in rounds 2 - 5.
MaxReps was 3:16; 4:12; 4:8; 4:8; 4:8.

A pretty fun workout - damn tough, even though it wasn't for time.

Garrote said...

-105# w/ Blue Bands
WOD "Lynne"
-Bench Press:Pull Ups

I have a questions and a recommendation for you:

1. How do you set up your bands for the press'? I did my lightest bands today (blue) at 105#, pretty rough. Is the load supposed to be this low? I loop my bands around some 2x4 held down by some brackets built onto my power lifting platform, it's about 2" off the ground. I even tried looping them around my KB's like we would do in Bahrain with the dumbells and that wasn't any better.
2. I watched some videos on the CF Journal by the Westside Barbell guys on benching, realy good stuff! I tried it today and felt really good during Lynne. If you haven't had a chance to check it out and you got time I recommend it. I think it's under "coaching" but I just searched "westside". Hope you like it...

CFBF said...


I would recommend looping the bands around the safety pins in the power rack at whichever height allows the bands to have an appropriate amount of tension at the top.

I've been following the WSB videos since they first started showing up in the CFJ. Definitely good stuff.

- Alex