Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Farewell WOD for Andy and Ryan.

We'll be meeting at 0845 on the playground by Juffair Gate to get warmed up and get into teams. No experience with CrossFit is necessary and there is no limit on the possible number of teams so bring all your friends!

Team Workout

As a 2-person team, complete the following exercises in order. Teams may divide the work any way they chose and may work on different exercises at the same time (e.g.: Member A does 25 pull-ups while Member B does 25 Air Squats, then they switch exercises). However, members MAY NOT do reps of the same exercise at the same time (read: Member A is either resting or doing Air Squats while Member B is doing Pull-ups). Also, the team may not start the next run until the entire couplet segment has been completed.

- Run 800 meters
- 200 Pull-ups
- 200 Air Squats
- Run 800 meters
- 150 Double Unders
- 150 Ring Dips
- Run 800 meters (with 45 lbs Sandbag)
- 100 Clapping Push-ups
- 100 Burpees
- Run 800 meters
- 50 Handstand Push-ups
- 50 Box Jumps
- Run 800 meters


Anonymous said...

This is going to be btrutal!

Anonymous said...

Really fun. Thanks again Alex.

Alex said...

We still need to come up with a name for this one.

What do you guys think?

- Alex