Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Deadlift - 5RM

Deadlift - Choose a weight that allows you to get between 15-20 reps

"Grace" (Click for Video Demo)
For Time:
30 Reps, 135 lbs Clean & Jerk

This one is supposed to be over quickly, so chose a weight that allows
you to finish around 3-4 minutes. Just like "Isabel," this is an
"anyhow" workout. In other words, get the bar from the ground to
overhead any way possible: full squat clean/split jerk, power clean/push
jerk, squat clean -> thruster (i.e.: CrossFit Games style).

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Anonymous said...

Alex, thanks for all the instruction you gave us yesterday. Im convinced you are going to have a highly successful box one day! We are leaving Bahrain in about a week but we will keep in touch and good luck in the Games my friend. Thanks again and hopefully Ryan and I will see you at an affliate meeting one day (LOL)!-Andy