Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rest Day - 22 April 2009

Here are a couple articles from the CrossFit Journal that I thought were a good read and applicable to those of us that "travel" for work on a regular basis.

Austere Training by James Decker

Parkour by Jesse Woody

Enjoy your rest day; summer is nearly upon us, so head outside and get some sun! (Print the articles and read them while you're lounging by the pool). ;-)

P.S.:Don't forget your foam rolling!!!


Brian said...


Just about all these use no equipment. Probably would have been handy to have this list when I was traveling.

Also when I did go to the gym once, I didn't really know what do do for warm ups as there was no broomstick around so I got creative made something up.

I did a squat, hold it in the hole for 10s, explode up to a pull up, hold at the top 10s, negative slow, then up into a knees-to-elbows, hold in the up position for 10s. I did about 5 of those and then tried a few for speed, trying to go through each motion precisely. Was a pretty good full body warm up.

Brian said...

BTW, I used to watch that Parkour stuff on youtube. Those guys are bad ass.