Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rest Day - 10 April 2009

Obesity Epidemic Continues to Worsen!

20% of U.S. Preschoolers are Obese (USA Today - Click to read the whole article)

"The cumulative evidence is alarming because within just a few decades, America will become a 'minority majority' nation," he said. Without interventions, the next generation "will be at very high risk" for heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers, joint diseases and other problems connected with obesity, said Flores, who was not involved in the new research. ...

She also blamed the federal commodity program for low-income people that many American Indian families receive. The offerings include lots of pastas, rice and other high-carbohydrate foods that contribute to what Burger said is often called a "commod bod."

"When that's the predominant dietary base in a household without access to fresh fruits and vegetables, that really creates a better chance of a person becoming obese," she said.

Also, Burger noted that exercise is not a priority in many American Indian families struggling to make ends meet, with parents feeling stressed just to provide basic necessities.

It's interesting to see that more and more people are starting to make the connection between diet and metabolic disease. Now if only we could get more coverage for Paleolithic Diets in the media, along with more exercise, we just might be able to get this trend to turn around.

For those not yet familiar with it, head over to CrossFit Kids to get a much better sense of the things that Jeff and Mikki Martin, along with the numerous CrossFit Kids Coaches around the country, have been able to accomplish.

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