Friday, July 2, 2010

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Operation: Hephaestus

Situation: Several months ago, Lockheed Martin reported that Dr. Rupert Collins, the lead engineer from their ballistic missile research team, had gone missing. Dr. Collins had recently completed work on a new Micro Electro-Mechanical Sensor (MEMS) chip which reportedly increases the accuracy of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles by up to 50%. Last week, the National Security Agency noticed an increase in chatter and further investigation gleaned intelligence which suggested that Dr. Collins was being held in a small camp near the coast of the Kangwon Province, North Korea. Yesterday, a surveillance and reconnaissance mission of the camp positively identified Dr. Collins as well as several Taepodong 2 ballistic missiles. The S&R also discovered that the camp has several well-organized concentric rings of defense: an unknown number of personnel conduct foot patrols throughout the surrounding area, guard towers at the camp's entrance, and between 15-20 well-armed security personnel within the camp.

Objective: Rescue Dr. Collins. Locate and destroy all MEMS chips and all associated documentation and equipment.

Insertion: Under the cover of night, the team will be covertly inserted by SBT-12 1000 meters off the Kangwon coast. Upon arrival at the beach, the team must quickly move to the Assault Position undetected.

Actions at Objective: Eliminate all opposing forces. Search all huts within the camp to locate Collins. Locate and destroy all MEMS chips, schematics, and manufacturing equipment.

Extraction: When enemy forces have been dealt with to the point that the team can safely move, transport Dr. Collins to the Extraction Point for helo pick up. Additional enemy contact is expected.

- Swim 1000 meters w/ fins (You may sub a 5k row)
- Don Boots, BDU Pants, and 20 lbs weight vest in less than 3 minutes
*Penalty=50 Burpees

- Run 800 meters to Assault Position
- 5 minute break

Action at Objective: (15 minute Time Limit)
- 4 Rounds:
- 20 Push-ups
- 20 Squats

- Sprint 200 meters

- 3 Rounds:
- 15 KB Swings, 1 pood (or 35 lbs DB)
- 15 Sit-ups

- Sprint 200 meters

- 2 Rounds:
- 10 Thrusters, 95 lbs
- 10 Lunges, alternating legs

- Sprint 400 meters

*Penalty (If AO not completed within time limit):
- Escape and Evade
- 5 Rounds
- Bear Crawl 50 yards
- 10 Pull-ups
- 20 Squats

3 Rounds:
- Run 1 mile
- 20 Burpees

- If working in a team, all members must stick together.
- After completing the swim, the weight vest should be worn for the duration of the evolution.
- At the Objective, speed and violence of action is critical to mission success, so hit it hard and fast!

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Garrote said...

Ahhhhhh, this looks like so much. I can't wait! Sadly I'll have to wait to do it next friday. Michael and Murph has my ankles hurtin pretty bad.

What can I sub the swim/ row for? I was thinking of doing a breathing ladder with ball slams 1-10-1 @ 20#. What do you think? Eventaully I'll get a rower or an airdyne bike.

Brian said...

Alex, its Brian. I am in Hawaii. email me, I will send you my number.


Garrote said...

Oh My Goodness! Alex, this was horribly painful. I couldn't finish the AO in the 15 minutes but didn't have time to do the E&E so I continued on. I don't know how anyone could have done it in 15minutes, maybe without the vest?

Anyway I did the breathing ladder 1-10-1 with ball slams and that was scary enough. Everything else as RX in a lil over 1 hour and 40 minutes.

I couldn't consistly run each mile up my hill so I had to walk a portion of it. What a way to break in the new weighted vest.