Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rest Day - 30 August 2009

Rest up, tomorrow's gonna be a big day!

Here are some motivational videos to tide you over in the meantime...I'm not sure what the connection is between O-lifting and Ramstein, but whatever, the videos are still pretty cool. I'm actually shocked by the utter lack of kick ass weightlifting compilations out there. Oh well, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What's up Alex? Working out is not the same without you there to "crack the whip" and teach us! Hope all is well and you keep in touch from Hawaii. Did you hear? There's a sign in the gym now, "No Cross Fit Allowed" ! Hilarious, huh?! Later dude!


Garrote said...

Those guys in those videos are monsters.

In addition to what ed said there is a pretty green sign in the gym now over by the platforms where we workout that says that. I'm gonna try to get some guys together and take a nice CF picture in front of it. Then e-mail it to you and my the main page. Take care bro.

Alex said...

Definitely get a picture of that! Send me the picture and I'll get in touch with CF HQ about it and get their reaction to it. Like you said, maybe we can get some mainpage love.

It is absolutely ridiculous that they are doing this without any rational understanding or explaination. UGH

Anyways, take it easy guys!

- Alex

Alex said...
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Brian said...

I don't think they even know what Crossfit is. I bet if I went and start doing O-lifts on the plates and grunting and dropping heavy shit, they would be like "Hey, No Crossfit Training" and then when I say, "I am doing Olympic Lifts, what the hell is crossfit?" What would they say?