Friday, December 11, 2009

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Shoulder Press - Set a new 1 Rep Max

Skill Work:
- Rope Climbs
- Handstand Hold - 90 seconds total

(From OPT's Blog)
- On the minute every minute for 7 minutes perform 5 Squat Clean Thrusters (Note: Ricky in the video weighs 150 lbs) - be fast and aggressive; you must choose a weight that will challenge you mentally on the last few sets; it has to be the same weight every set and it has to be unbroken (you cannot let go of bar)
Rest 3 minutes EXACTLY
- On the minute every minute for 5 minutes perform 10 challenging pull-ups (if you can do 10 chest-to-bar easily, do them weighted; if pull-ups alone are challenging do them); they have to be unbroken
Rest 1 minute EXACTLY
- On the minute every minute for 3 minutes perform 25 unbroken sit ups: feet unanchored, hands at temples

Post weight and results/thoughts to comments.

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Garrote said...

This was fun, a lot worse than it looked.

Squat clean thrusters 105#
-Probably could have pushed it up to 115# but it woulda been fight to the death between the bar and I
C2B pull ups
-Definitely should have done at least 15# weighted

I like these wods we did one last week from that was like this one, a lot of fun too. You should check it out.