Monday, November 30, 2009

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

(Courtesy of CrossFit Football)

- 10 Power Cleans
- 20 Push Ups
- 9 Power Cleans
- 19 Push Ups
- 8 Power Cleans
- 18 Push Ups
- 7 Power Cleans
- 17 Push Ups
- 6 Power Cleans
- 16 Push Ups
- 5 Power Cleans
- 15 Push Ups
- 4 Power Cleans
- 14 Push Ups
- 3 Power Cleans
- 13 Push Ups
- 2 Power Cleans
- 12 Push Ups
- 1 Power Clean
- 11 Push Ups

*Use 75% of 1 RM for Power Clean weight

Post loads and times to comments.


Brian said...

This was awful. Didn't have a stop watch but I am sure it took me over 20 minutes.

I did it at 105#

Threw a 500m Row in before and after, nothing to crazy though, trying to get back on the horse slowly.

Garrote said...

- Power clean 1 RM 225#
----new PR----
-165# in 24.30

*Alex, I liked this WOD a lot because I hate power cleans and this really gave me a chance to work on them.
My only problem is I personally feel, and I could be totally wrong, that doing a high amount of reps with a heavy load for time (high intensity) is kinda dangerous. I'm afraid that people who aren't humble enough or don't care to take the time to really work the technique of the O-lifts are put in a dangerous position with high potential for serious injury.
When i encounter these wod's I'm always nervous from start to finish that one pull might go crazy and i really hurt myself. Due to this when doing HEAVY loads, after every rep I always reset my footing, reposition the bar and then I reset my grip before I do my next rep just to minimize the chance of injury.
Am I just being a vagina? What's your take on the issue?

CFBF said...


You're right, for someone that doesn't have their O-lifting technique relatively dialed in, a WOD like this can be considered dangerous, particularly if someone goes beyond their limits in search of higher and higher loads that they aren't prepared to handle. This is why we scale load and/or reps. But you're right, some people definitely allow their egos to get in the way and will do too mcuh too soon. Someone like yourself, however, has drastically lessened the likelyhood of injury through technique drills and significant time CrossFitting. At this point in your CrossFitting "career" further technique refinements aren't necessary to improve safety, but to improve efficiency, which will make you faster and more fit.

As for your concern about hurting yourself, of course the possibility is always there, but in the real world, the likelyhood of injury is there too. You're not always going to have a nice evenly loaded barbell sitting still on a platform. It could be a person, or heavy piece of equipment, or some other odd-shaped object. That's why it's important to ride the jagged line that we do. Every person has to stop and decide what level of risk is too great for THEM, based off of their own goals and previous medical/training history. (On a side note, expect to see some more sandbag stuff in the near future...)

Lastly, I wanted to point out that what you said about pausing after each rep (on HEAVY workouts) to reset your feet, grip, take a deep breath, set your back, etc... is absolutely the correct way to go about this type of WOD. Faster, relatively lighter WODs (like "Grace" and "Isabel") offer a chance to let one's technique slide a bit to really push the intensity. But just remember that each WOD has a purpose and it's important to plan your strategy accordingly.

Thanks for the question and thoughts! Keep 'em coming!

- Alex

Garrote said...

Thanks bro,

I knew there was a method to your madness. I didn't think you were that much of a masochistic asshole.

The sand bag stuff sounds exciting I got some at home I'm going to use come March but if you post I'm sure we'll be able to find some around the base somewhere.

Keep up the good work.