Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Skill Work:
Turkish Get-Up - Set a new 1 Rep Max (w/ both arms!)

AMRAP in 30 minutes
- Row 250 meters
- 5 Burpees
- 10 KB Swings, 1 pood (or 35 lbs DB)

Post weight and number of rounds to comments.


Garrote said...

Skipped Strength work today while I'm nursing my palms back to 100% after Hefty Barbara. I lost a lot of skin on my palms.

-as RX 14 rds. 15th rnd in 30.45

bryan serino said...

1RM turkish-get-ups @ 75 lbs
-13 rds.. 14th completed at 30:12

had to take it easy since i caused some form of migraine/head trauma from dehydration and partying the night before the 7th and pushing it as hard as possible...dont worry its gotten better.