Sunday, May 16, 2010

Monday, 17 May 2010

A USMC Scout Sniper throwing big lead down range

Skill Work:

- Overhead Squat - 65% x 2 x 2
- Snatch Balance - 65% x 3 x 2
- Snatch - 70% x 1 x 3

Back Squat - Set a new 5 Rep Max

3 Rounds for Time:
- 7 Squat Cleans, 155 lbs
- 14 Box Jumps, 24"
- 21 Pullups
(Compare to 17 April 2009)

Post weights and time to comments.


Garrote said...

I was gonna do this one yesterday but I strained my groin pretty bad last week and those squat cleans @ 155# made me scooper=dooper scared. So I decided to do the Flithy Fifty instead. I realized that was a bad idea too halfway through the wall balls. I'll do this WOD either tomorrow or friday though.


bryanS said...

good to see you posting again alex! the main site pisses me off sometimes.

wod rx'd @ 12:50

garrett watch out..dont pull another vag muscle, you shoulda just sprinkled some M.A.N. on it.

Garrote said...

-As RX in 12.25

Shut your butt Byran. I think I sprinkled too much M-A-N on it. I hurt it doing a heavy set of back squats and instead of stopping and rubbing it (like you would always do with your vag) I sprinkled a crazy amount of M-A-N on it then did "Sandy Elizabeth". So again shut you butt.

Have you gotten those shirts yet?


BryanS said...

nope..stupid "my name is david who likes to quit woding because hes lazy after we all left him, and seperated out" sent me a picture text of it saying..if you want them, come and get them..implying i need to drive 2 hours into PA to pick up my shirt i bought...if i happen to get a hold of the shirts before you ill be sure to mail it out for ya.

Garrote said...

Well tell "my name is David who likes to quit wod-ing because he's lazy after we all left him and sepArated out" that I will not be making the trip out to PA to pick up my shirts and that I am Respectfully Requesting my shirts to be mailed to me. If the Request is not acknowledged within 72hrs I will give "J-RO" and "Numbers" his phone # and home address and tell them Dave wanted them to know that if they are ever on the East Coast they are always welcome stay over, forge elite fitness or just hang out at his place.

I'm asking you to pass the message because I know Dave does not forge anymore so he has no reason to visit Alex' blog.

zorg said...

Back Squat
1 x 5 x 92,5 kg
1 x 3 x 112,5 kg

No new PR, but a good form, which was what I was concentrating on.

3 Rounds for Time:
- 7 Power Cleans, 57,5 kg
- 14 Box Jumps,
- 21 Pullups

Time: 14:22
It's possible I forgot 7 pull-ups in round 2. Not sure.