Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Personal Preparedness - Bug Out Bag

My BOB; note the FAK attached to the top

What is a Bug Out Bag? A Bug Out Bag, or BOB for short, is a pack designed to sustain it's owner for a 72-hour period in the event of some form of emergency such as civil unrest, natural disaster, terrorist attack, or Zombie Apocalypse forces you to leave the security of your home. When prepping your BOB, you must consider your Bug Out Plan: where are you going to go, how are you going to get there, and what is the back-up plan? If you expect any significant amount of distance traveled on foot, weight is going to be a significant consideration. So let's discuss the necessities.

The Rule of 3's
- 3 seconds without security
- 3 minutes without care
- 3 hours without shelter
- 3 days without water
- 3 weeks without food

With that in mind, here are the main considerations:
- Personal Defense items (Pistol, Rifle, Knife)
- First Aid Kit (FAK); this will be discussed in a future post
- Fire starting items. Tent/shelter/hammock
- Water purification and sufficient storage
- Non-perishable food stuffs, minimum of 3600 calories (consider products from Mainstay)
- Signaling/Comms (Mirror, whistle, NOAA radio, etc...)

Of course, there are plenty of other miscellaneous items to include, but we'll get to those in future posts.

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cal said...

your the only dude i know who would post about a BOB on a crossfit site got to love it lol. rock on man rock on !!!!