Friday, January 23, 2009

Gym of the Living Dead

Here is an excerpt from a great post on the CrossFit Hampton Roads blog. Does this sound familiar to anyone...?

"Let me lay the stage for you. The 5am crowd at Globo gym was moderate in density, but void of any life; it was a gym full of zombies. The fluorescent gym lights flickered like a scene from an eerie subway station. With glazed and hollow eyes, the patrons went from station to station..."

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Sometimes I think the best thing we can do to "introduce" others to CrossFit is to head into the base gym and do the WODs in our CF t-shirts. While 99% are looking at us like we've lost our minds, 1% is thinking, "Whoa, that's what I need to be doing!" Wearing the shirt eliminates the need for the shy or embarrassed to approach us and gives them the means to do a bit of research on their own.

With that said...remember, when you're wearing your CF shirt in the gym, you are an ambassador to "the cause" (sorry for the cult reference...LOL). Acting out or not doing the movements/WODs properly does nothing but give the naysayers more ammunition.

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