Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Official!

Today I received the go ahead from CrossFit HQ so I am now an official CrossFit affiliate. If you're in Bahrain and interested in training, email me and we'll set something up!


Dave said...

Hey man, congrats on the Affiliate, I didn't realize how close you were.

Best of luck, and stay safe over there.

CrossFit Fort Meade said...

Congrats on Affiliation! I'll make sure to stop in if I head your way.

Irowhard said...

Congrats on the affiliation. I was in Bahrain for a year and it was one of the most rewarding tours I've ever had. I'd reccomend getting in touch with the NSWU3 guys. I'm sure there are some Xfitters in the bunch. Also, if you're interested in doing some BJJ grappling, there is a guy named Reza Monfradi (sp?) who does some excellent instruction out in town with some quality guys.

Chris said...

Hey Alex, my name's Chris--I just moved over to Manama a couple days ago. Did a quick search for crossfit in Bahrain and your blog came up. My girlfriend and I would love to train with you, we're in Adliya.

Send me a

Will T said...

Congrats on the affiliate!!!!! I was stationed in Bahrain with the USMC Security Force Company. Definetly get in touch with those guys, there is probrably some help you can get from the command. Good luck!!

Steve said...

Congratulations! I still remember running around that friggin' BANZ warehouse. The guys coming through NSWU3 should find you a welcome sight. Best of luck and pay us a visit when you get back.

CF Marina

Lamarr said...

Congrats man,
We gt our cert together at north santa cruz. Stay focused and they will come.


michael said...

We rock a daily WOD, with a 3/1 schedule. We train in an area around the Desert Dome, 0730, with our regular cult. Let us know what we can do to help or give us a shout if you want to train with some great people.

Chris said...

Michael, i'm not military, but would it be possible to train with your crew? Or is your location on base?